Most of the stock in our store are limited editions or one of a kind items. Items that are not easy to find objects and need a more detailed explanation for us to fulfill your order please mail, phone, or fax us with enough information for us to deal with your requests. All items do not include delivery fees. Delivery fees will be added on separately at the time of payment. After purchase claims and returned goods etc.. will not be exchanged or refunded. Your understanding and co-operation is appreciated.
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@ Our Stores duty for the Protection of Personal Information. (Privacy Policy)
All personal information given by the customer and entered via the website managed by Hodge Podge will be handled with maximum caution and will not be published or used by us for any other reason than necessary for satisfaction of the customer at hand.
Further more Customer information will not be released to any outside parties unless necessary for the fulfillment of the said customers order.   
About the collection of Personal Information
This Website and the concluded/below pages customerfs personal information is required.
Order page
Information such as Postcode, Address, Name, Telephone, Fax and Email address are gathered. The collected information is limited to the following uses.
1. for the forwarding /sending of the purchased product
2. When we have felt it is necessary for communicating with firms about the product at hand.
3. When contact or questions are needed to be put to a firm about the product, in this case it may also be necessary to use customer information.
Any personal information given by the customer will never be sold or used for economic gain or even lent to outside parties.However, when asked to do so by Law and it is in our best interest to do so to protect our rights and property in this case only we will be forced to handover or display said information.
Reasons for Statistical Data collection
Our store, reserves the right to use any personal information collected as data for statistical research purposes without any limitation and with out distinguishing the customer in any such way.
Personnel in charge of Management of Personal Information
Tendered Personal Information will be handled under the responsibility and managed under persons as follows.
Hodge Podge
Store head : Katsuyuki Suzuki
Kotobukiya-Building, 271 Azuma-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi-ken, 440]0045 Japan
1. The right is reserved for contents of this text without acknowledgement or permission from the customer, to be changed at any time. In that situation, any terms and conditions of service, after changes (as per ideals on the handling of personal information) maybe due to change. 
2. About the effects after changes (as per ideals on the handling of personal information)... This company reserves the right except for the separate excluded cases.  From the point of content going inline changes come into direct effect.
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